Thursday, September 27, 2007

PR Disaster

I was at Safeway last week, and a parent approached me with a look of concern. I don't have one of her kids in my classes, but she recognized me and decided to ask me a question: "why did the teachers decide to cancel Open House?"

I was shocked to silence, a rarity for me. I didn't know what to say because I didn't know it was canceled.

I told her the truth: "I didn't know it was canceled. When did this happen?"

She said, "I got a mailing today." She then went on to explain how she enjoys Open House to see who her son's teachers are, the environment in which he learns, and how difficult or easy it is for her son to get to his classes.

Of course, she wanted to know who made the call, but I really didn't know. She said she'd call the school.

By the way, this was one week before the scheduled Open House night.

The cancellation was never mentioned at a staff meeting (we had two last week and one this week), and it still has not been discussed at all.

Apparently the Boss Lady decided to cancel it because of a soccer game and a volleyball match. However, we still have not been provided the opportunity to discuss the way this was handled.

A group of parents went to the school board and complained, and the Boss Lady was grilled for all to see. Ouch!

P.S. I found out yesterday from a parent--after mailings went to the community--that our parent-teacher conferences are now changed as well. I'd say that's 0 for 2 in the communication department.


Brian B said...

Wow...she sounds like a winner.

I've seen new administrators get buried with work loads and not figure out the "come into my office to give me a monkey and you will leave with your monkey plus one of mine" game. Of course, follow-through is equally important.

Good luck! :P

DrPezz said...

One problem is, she's not new! She just doesn't think things through and doesn't see the pig picture or the ramifications to her actions.

We knew she was an inside-job hire, and it becomes more apparent each year that she wasn't the best for the job.