Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Followers

This first week of school has been beyond hectic. Course schedule changes, moving rooms, sharing rooms, copier problems, meetings, and more have slowed our progress this week. No worries. I just keep plugging away.

Still, with my Sophomore Honors class we got a bit behind my intended schedule. I wanted to finish our French Revolution background Thursday, read Chapter 1 of A Tale of Two Cities as a class Friday, and have the students read the first 4-5 chapters this weekend. Well, there were so many interruptions from the front office and questions about the revolution from the kids, we didn't get there.

Halfway through the period on Friday while we were going through my French Revolution presentation, I decided to change things up. With five minutes to go I asked all of the students to pass forward their reading schedules (I give one with every major reading) but keep their books. The students looked a bit confused but did so. Then, from the back of the room, one student cried out "Yea, awesome!" Slowly little light bulbs appeared over the heads of the students.

I just decided I wanted to complete this unit well, rather than fast. I always tell new teachers that the ability to adapt and to revise one's plans are the marks of a good teacher. A few students at this point still had quizzical looks on their faces until I said, "don't read this weekend. Enjoy your weekend and I'll make a new reading schedule."

I think I have a following.


Mrs. Chili said...

Hopefully, this is a following of people who are learning, from your example, that QUALITY is important....

DrPezz said...

Right now, I think they're just happy to have a brief respite before beginning Dickens, but soon I hope they learn my philosophy about learning over point acquisition.

Repairman said...

DrP, you are too cool. Not only will students start to believe you're a real person, but they'll get on board, as in, "connected."


DrPezz said...

Thanks, RP!