Sunday, December 16, 2007

Up Next

I get to start some great units to begin the new year:

Am. Lit.: Ray Bradbury stories and science fiction
Soph. Honors: The Princess Bride
College in the H.S.: The Red Badge of Courage
Mythology: Norse mythology

It's going to be a fun finish to the semester! Plus, I only have six students (out of over 150) who I worry won't pass. All can, but they need to buckle down and improve in a couple areas. I'm hopeful.


mrschili said...

It's important to be hopeful!

Let me know how the Princess Bride unit goes. I love bringing popular culture stuff into my classroom, and that's one that I haven't really considered yet...

Clix said...

Wow! How did you justify TPB?! It's one of my fave books. :D

Dr Pezz said...

TPB fits into a new fairy tale unit we do (with TPB obviously being the satirical piece) and an effort to include more contemporary literature.

It's a fun one, and the kids are surprised at the biting humor and differences from the film. :)