Saturday, November 10, 2007

Loving My Students

My classes were awesome this week!

American Literature: These kids have jumped right into The Crucible and explored the play wholeheartedly. They're asking the right questions and seem genuinely enthused to start each day. I think the groups I created are finally creating the collaboration I wanted to see.

College in the High School: They love The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn! It's the first time they have actively pursued the themes and nuances of the readings this year. One of kids said he really enjoyed the sonnet they wrote as well (from the perspective of a character in The Crucible), which prompted most of the kids to agree. I need to create more of these creative writing literary analysis writings.

Mythology: I have successfully turned them into the "myth geeks" I warned them they would become. At least ten kids in each class have explained how they identified mythological references in TV shows, movies, comics, and so on. I love it!

Sophomore Honors: We just finished a unit on The Chosen and Night, and the students explored both in Socratic circles for three days, and I never had to intervene. They continued the conversation with respect, introspection, curiosity, and thoughtfulness. I am so proud of them!


Mrs. Chili said...

YAY for you! I love it when my colleagues have GOOD days!

Tell me, though; what is a "right" question? I've got NO "tone" here - I'm not being snooty or trying to start something: I'm genuinely interested in what other teachers get excited about...

DrPezz said...

The questions go beyond the plot line and explore themes, provide relevance to today, and force students to draw upon past experiences. Those are the questions I like--ones that require the group to discuss them and force students to think critically about themselves, their community, and the book.